Checking compiler features

The collection of small programs in this directory was written to check if the compiler of choice supports particular features or how they work out: It is not exhaustive nor will it ever be. It should, however, give a first start.

Running the checks

The checks are run, depending on the platform, via a batch file, "chkfeatures.bat" or a shell script "chkfeatures":


For all platforms: the batch file "compile.bat" and the shell script "compile" are responsible for compiling and linking the program.

You will need to edit this file for the appropriate command for your compiler. You may also need to set up the environment - make sure the compiler is in the path, license information is available and so on.

On Linux:

Make sure that the files "chkfeatures" and "compile" have the execute permission:

chmod +x chkfeatures compile
ought to do that.

Additional information

The program "buildscript" takes the input file "buildscript.set" to set up a small batch file/shell script that runs the various checking programs. This means that you can add your own checking programs as well.

The format of this file is very simple: